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Jul 10, 2014 JERUSALEM — The death toll from Israel's air assault on the Gaza Strip a ceasefire or de-escalation," said Deputy National Security Advisor .Oct 16, 2015 Clashes reported in Gaza, Bethlehem, Ramallah and Hebron the ones who conserve the prophets' shrines in Palestine," wrote Saleh Na'ami, he vowed to work to de-escalate the situation in the West Bank and Israel and .Feb 10, 2009 As a result, Na'alin residents say they have lost access to much of their With each election, the Palestinian feeling of despair and hopelessness only deepens. They've also seen a series of Israeli incursions into Gaza, .Jul 9, 2015 About a year ago shelling and air strikes hit the Shejaia neighbourhood in the east of Gaza City during an Israeli offensive, witnesses.Sep 22, 2014 Annex B. Indicator Tables for West Bank and Gaza Strip will fuel instability, de-development and conflict, and make the next escalation just deficits were 67 and 63 per cent of the budgeted annual amount, respectively.6 .

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